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Vegan-friendly Balkans – a dream or reality?

If you have ever travelled around the Balkans, you have probably come across such local delicacies like cevapcici, a skinless sausage; burek, a cheese filled flaky pastry; or kajmak, a thick spreadable sour cream. But what if you are a vegan and your diet excludes any meat or dairy products? Are the Balkans a destination for you?
The Balkans are one of my favourite regions of Europe. Rich with history, culture and fascinating landscapes, they attract certain types of travellers. They appeal to those who look for more than sun-drenched beaches, comfortable tourist resorts and ease of moving from one point to another. As a passionate adventure seeker, who has been a vegan for just over a year, I knew my third journey to south-eastern Europe may present some new challenges. Namely food. Inspired by Wendy Werneth’s book “Veggie Planet” I knew that doing my homework would be essential. With the help of Happy Cow (online directory of veggie-friendly restaurants, also available as a mobile …

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