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Postcard from Stockholm: Fika and ‘all you can eat’ veggie buffets!

I have been to Stockholm twice now. First in January 2017 – very much at the beginning of my veganism journey, and last time in December 2018. First time round I actually travelled with my own supplies – granola bars, nuts, dried fruits, even a pot of beans’ stew! I was so worried I’ll not be able to find anything beyond the traditional meatballs or fish! Second time round, I was much more relaxed about the whole experience. And even though I travelled again with my granola bars, nuts and dried fruits (It’s just my habit I guess!) I knew Sweden will offer me some delicious choices.
My sister and I stayed at the Crystal Plaza Hotel in the city centre ( dealJ). The complimentary buffet breakfast offered varied choices for a hungry (and pregnant) vegan. Each morning I had a wholesome porridge oats with dried fruits, nuts and seeds either with non-dairy milk or Oatly yoghurt (or Oatgurt as they call it in Sweden), followed by a juicy fresh fruit and if I was particularly pecki…

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